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No More Heroes 3 Touches Down on PS5, PS4 This Year

Higher resolution, faster framerate.

One-time Nintendo Switch exclusive No More Heroes 3 will (Travis) Touchdown on PlayStation 5 and PS4 later this year. The game – originally released for Nintendo’s hybrid hardware last year – will boast improved HD visuals (expect 4K on PS5), as well as faster framerates and loading times. It promises to be the definitive version of the threequel.

“Being the ‘number-one assassin in the world’ isn’t what it used to be,” the press release teases. “Otaku hero Travis Touchdown is back once more, forced out of retirement to defend Santa Destroy, and Earth, in an intergalactic test of might while proving he’s more than just a washed up has-been who talks to his cat. Warm up those beam katanas, tighten the all-new Death Glove, and get ready to partake in outrageous boss battles against the evil Prince FU and his nine alien henchmen.”

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