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OlliOlli World’s Customisation Options Mean You Can Play as a Skateboarding Bumblebee

Or whatever.

OlliOlli World is the third game in Roll7’s wonderful skateboarding series, and it’s shaping up very nicely indeed. We went hands on with the side-scrolling skate-’em-up earlier in the year and came away rather impressed, and it just keeps on looking great each time we see it. Case in point: this new trailer, which focuses on customisation options.

While the first two games had you playing as a nondescript skater dude, this entry will finally allow you to create your very own character. As you can see in the video, there’s going to be a wide range of options for you to shape your skater into whatever you want. There’s also a ton of clothing options, one of them being a magnificent bumblebee onesie that we’ll be using as soon as possible. We sincerely hope more of that silliness is present.

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