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Random: ‘The Great Wave’ Meets Zelda: Wind Waker In This Incredible Model

The Great Wind Waveker.

There’s a type of video game collectible that’s classy enough that your parents and non-gaming friends might not even notice that it’s a video game thing. On one end of the spectrum of “nerdy to classy”, you’ve got your Master Chief Funko Pops and your cardboard cutouts of Mario; on the other end, you’ve got classical orchestral covers of the Final Fantasy soundtrack and…this.

Adam, AKA North of the Border on YouTube, describes himself as someone who likes to “make tiny nerdy things”, and using a few points of inspiration, he decided to make a resin-and-clay model of Hokusai’s The Great Wave off Kanagawa, AKA “that one painting that everyone really, really likes”.

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