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Resident Evil Opens an Umbrella Over Dead by Daylight on PS5, PS4 Next Month

Nemesis! Leon! Jill!

As previously announced, Resident Evil crossover content is coming to asymmetrical multiplayer smash hit Dead by Daylight. The content, due out on 15th June, will comprise two new Survivors – series icons Jill Valentine and Leon S. Kennedy – alongside Resident Evil 3’s notorious nasty, Nemesis. There’s no word on a price just yet.

That’s not all, though: a procedurally generated map inspired by the Raccoon City Police Department will also be incorporated. One interesting wrinkle with Nemesis is that, if he manages to come into contact with a Survivor, he’ll actually infect them with the T-Virus which will make them cough and splutter, making it harder to hide. Neat idea!

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