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Rocket League Season 4 Rounds Up a New Arena, Car, and More on PS4

Saddle up for Deadeye Canyon.

Rocket League Season 4 is about to get started on PlayStation 4, and it’s looking like a rootin’ tootin’ good time. The Western themed season starts on 11th August — that’s tomorrow, by the way — and it brings with it a bunch of new goodies for fans to enjoy.

Most notably, the new season introduces a new arena named Deadeye Canyon, which takes the soccar action to the wild west. Then there’s Outlaw, a brand new vehicle that looks like a bit of a monster. The arena will be free for everyone, while the Outlaw car will be part of Season 4’s new Rocket Pass Premium along with lots of Western-themed cosmetics. You can catch a glimpse of both of these in the below teaser:

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