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Rumour: Uncharted PC Collection Is Probably Real, But Leaked Image Looks Fake

Drake’s biggest journey yet?

Something that PlayStation fans will have to get used to is the idea of Sony releasing first-party games on PC. That’s just how things roll, now. After the successful launch of Horizon Zero Dawn and Days Gone on Steam and Epic Games Store, Sony has doubled down on this initiative. PC porting house Nixxes is now part of PlayStation Studios and will be helping Sony’s dev teams convert their titles for personal computers. So, what’s next on the list to make the jump? It could well be Uncharted.

An image has hit 4chan, of all places, seemingly leaking the existence of an Uncharted game collection for PC. You can view said image through here, although we would stress that it’s highly likely to be a fake. The picture splices together key art from Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End and the Nathan Drake Collection for something apparently called Uncharted: The Naughty Dog PC Collection, which doesn’t sound very catchy. It will allegedly include Drake’s Fortune, Among Thieves, Drake’s Deception, A Thief’s End, and The Lost Legacy. The image also suggests the official announcement will come on 6th September, with a release date of 7th December 2021.

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