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Shaky Sly Cooper PS5 Rumours Intensify, with PixelOpus Attached

The Thievius Raccoonus returns?

Sigh, did WaddleDeeKnows teach us nothing? Mere weeks later and Twitter is once again up to its old tricks, this time with a new Sly Cooper title on the agenda. Unfortunately, for as much as we’d love to see the Thievius Raccoonus return, you’re going to be feeling very thirsty from the sheer amount of salt being tossed on this story.

AccountNGT gets the biggest bragging rights should this game ever actually emerge: the Star Wars Eclipse “insider” said that there’s a new Sly Cooper in development earlier this week, but Sucker Punch isn’t making it. Well, duh! Since then, talkative Xbox Era host Nick Baker has put his clout on the line: he claims Concrete Genie creator PixelOpus is developing the title, in collaboration with Sony Pictures Animation.

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