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Sony Recruits Japanese Retailers for PS5 Scalping Prevention Scheme

Your fate is sealed.

As you probably already know, the PlayStation 5 is not an easy console to find — and this is just about as true in Japan as it is here in the West. Naturally, Sony’s doing all that it can to sell as many current-gen consoles as possible — but because of ongoing chip shortages and other persistent manufacturing issues (largely caused by the pandemic), it’s still going to be while before Sony is able to match consumer demand.

A new incentive could help ease the situation, however. As reported by Yahoo! Japan a few weeks back (sorry we missed it!), Sony is currently working with retailers to tackle PS5 scalping in Japan. A quick explanation just in case: a ‘scalper’ is a person who snaps up limited stock in order to resell it at a higher price — and the PS5 has been a key target for scalpers since its launch in 2020.

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