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Video: Here’s A New Look At Resident Evil Village’s Mercenaries Mode

Take the fight to them.

We’re so close to the release of Resident Evil Village we can almost taste it, and Capcom definitely hasn’t pumped the brakes on promoting the game. In fact, the throttle has been pushed all the way forward as more and more news drops every day. Now, we have a new look at the game’s Mercenaries mode, and what players can expect from it.

In an exclusive look from IGN, the mode’s first area has been showcased, as well as some of the features players can expect. The main goal is to defeat a certain amount of enemies to advance to the next area, but for those who want the best score, a combination of time and skill is needed to get to the top. You can build combos and find some roguelite elements in the form of ability orbs. These can give you unique perks such as damage or health upgrades which remain until the end of your run.

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