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Xmas Challenge Day 1! Deathloop Merry Kickmas Challenge | Xmas Challenge 2021 (Sponsored Content)

Let the Oxbox Xmas Challenge begin! This year's competition kicks off with Mike, your reigning champion, and the Deathloop Merry Kickmas Challenge: in time-looping shooter Deathloop, kick the literal butt of the Visionary of your choosing, flee, and make it back to the tunnels alive. Will Mike pull it off or will he Mike it up? Maybe both? Watch and find out today, day one of the Oxbox Xmas Challenge 2021. Come back tomorrow for Andy's first challenge and subscribe for daily Xmas challenges! Watch all the Xmas Challenge 2021 videos here: This video is brought to you by Outside Xbox and sponsor Duracell Optimum. —
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