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: Babylon’s Fall (PS5) – This Limp, Confusing ‘Service Game’ Has Nothing Going for It

Babylon’s Fail.

Let’s begin the review with a stark personal story. We promise this is 100 per cent true: we fell asleep playing Babylon’s Fall. Multiple times. Sat there in an office chair, DualSense in hand, fast asleep. That could almost be the end of the review, surely? A new game from Platinum of all people, patron saints of hardcore gaming — some of the fastest-paced and most demanding combat in the medium. Responsible for Vanquish and Bayonetta for goodness’ sake! And now it’s put out a game that we’d market to insomniacs. And we don’t mean the Marvel’s Spider-Man and Ratchet & Clank kind.

Platinum and Square Enix have stumbled into the “games as a service” arena here, the soulless Milton Keynes of gaming already overflowing with titles rivalling for an audience. This, oddly, includes Square Enix and People Can Fly’s very own Outriders, which operates in a similar space (despite having rather different gameplay). So what’s the story with Babylon’s Fall? We’ll try and piece it together. We’re still not totally sure what we played and what we simply dreamed, as the sheer dullness of the experience ushered in the sandman to grace our eyelids with his sleepy quarry.

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