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: Battlefield 2042 (PS5) – Maybe One for the Future

Nostalgia trick.

The games industry stops for no one, and just one week after Call of Duty: Vanguard was put out by Activision, Battlefield 2042 is here to try and eat its lunch. What it has to offer, though, could hardly be considered a filling main course. EA DICE has cooked up an excellent starter — sort of like a crowd-pleasing tomato soup — that doesn’t quite have the chops to stand on its own. Extensive post-launch support will surely see it fulfil those ambitions, but that content is months or possibly even years down the line. When Battlefield 2042 shows you the bill, it’s asking you to buy into what’s to come rather than hope you’re satisfied with the chef’s first dish.

Three modes grace the main menu: All-Out Warfare houses classic Conquest skirmishes along with the return of Breakthrough from Battlefield 1 and Battlefield V. Hazard Zone is an entirely new mode tasking squads with retrieving data drives and then extracting before any other teams can eliminate you, and Portal brings back maps of the past ripe for editing to create custom modes.

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