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: Biomutant (PS4) – The Classic Case of What Could Have Been

Karate kid.

Biomutant could have released a decade ago and it wouldn’t have looked out of place. By stimulating the open world formula of old with new takes on the RPG genre, studio Experiment 101 appeared to be living up to its name. The final product does indeed prove that a lot of trial and error was going on behind the scenes, but Biomutant is more misstep than anything else. Its original ideas fail to leave a mark in what is otherwise a very routine open world experience.

It’s the potential that kills you — this is very much a “what could have been” type deal. While many of its mechanics are rooted in mediocrity, it’s clear Biomutant wanted to go big on RPG systems. You catch glimpses of that throughout the 20-hour or so adventure with speech checks that detract from your overall stats should you fail them and hard decisions which dictate who makes it to safety while others are left behind. The problem is they amount to very little, opting to be mere footnotes in a colourful but decidedly sparse landscape.

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