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: Judgment (PS5) – A Truly Gripping Detective Thriller, and One of the Best Yakuza Games

Another day in Kamurocho.

We loved Judgment on PlayStation 4, but over time, our appreciation of this Yakuza spinoff has only grown. Upon reflection, we actually think that our Judgment PS4 review was a bit off the mark, and having now played the game’s remaster on PS5, we’re fully convinced that this is, hands down, one of the best Yakuza-style games that money can buy.

For the uninitiated, Judgment slides you into the leather jacket of private detective Takayuki Yagami. A former defence attorney whose career fell apart three years ago, Yagami spends his days working out of a tiny office in Kamurocho — the main setting of most Yakuza titles. However, outside of the backdrop and its action RPG gameplay, Judgment has nothing to do with SEGA’s main series. There are no returning characters or storylines, making Judgment a near perfect starting point if you’re new to Yakuza in general.

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