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Leaked Document Reveals Xbox’s Opinion of The Last of Us 2

“Naughty Dog can’t seem to make decent gun combat”.

Companies conduct internal reviews of their competitors’ products all the time – it’s just we seldom ever get to actually read them. The ongoing litigation between Apple and Epic Games is uncovering all kinds of industry secrets, however – such as this Microsoft review of The Last of Us: Part II. This was penned by a couple of staffers from the Xbox Portfolio Team, and is presented similarly to the kind of review you’d read in a magazine – or even on Push Square!

Generally, the employees thoroughly enjoyed the game, describing it as the type of experience developers of narrative-based games “should be aspiring to accomplish with their character dialogue, presentation, and voice acting”. However, they’re extremely critical of the combat: “Naughty Dog still can’t seem to make decent gun combat in any of their games, and this is no exception. Luckily for them it fits in with the game’s theme and pushes the player towards using stealth head-on.”

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