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: Madden NFL 22 (PS5) – Franchise Finally Gets Some TLC in Improved American Football Sim

Throw it in rotation.

Prior to the release of the disappointing Madden NFL 21, publisher EA Sports made a promise to series stalwarts that it would improve Franchise in future entries. The lack of improvements to the popular campaign mode in last year’s entry was the straw that broke the camel’s back for many fans, and it triggered a series of aggressive social media campaigns that prompted the team at Tiburon to comment. A year later, has the developer delivered – or is this yet another fumble from the American football sim?

Look, there’s no doubt about it: Franchise is a big W this year. EA Sports has completely refreshed the mode, making smart interface improvements and integrating some enjoyable new systems. You can now scheme each game week based on your opponent, allowing you to make adjustments based on data like a real NFL team. For example, if you come up against the Kansas City Chiefs then you know you’re going to have to contend with deep passes, and you can buff your defence to help you to deal with that. It adds a lot of variety and tactical depth.

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