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Mini Review: A Juggler’s Tale (PS5) – Unravel Meets Limbo in Pleasant Platformer

No time to Playdead.

The PlayStation Store could be considered overflowing with 2D puzzle platformers at this stage in its lifespan, and yet A Juggler’s Tale from developer Kaleidoscube has still managed to find a teeny tiny feature to call its own. It’s Punch and Judy come to life, with strings that both save protagonist Abby’s life and get in the way of her freedom.

You see, she’s just escaped the circus holding her captive, but the owners will stop at nothing to hunt her down and put her back in the cage she came to call home. And since they happen to be friends with nearby townsfolk, the game has the same sort of stakes as Playdead’s Limbo: almost everyone and everything is your enemy. It’s a surprisingly sombre tale that isn’t afraid to share its negative opinion of the human race.

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