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Mini Review: Aragami 2 (PS5) – Nin-Jolly Good Stealth Action

What we do in the shadows.

It may seem obvious, but stealth games tend to live or die on their clarity. Not just that of your protagonist as they sink their blade into an enemy’s jugular, but of their systems, the rules that govern the whole experience. There’s nothing less enjoyable in a sneak-‘em-up than getting caught without knowing why, so we’re pleased to report that Aragami 2 is so transparent it’s almost invisible.

Every action you take is communicated through a razor-sharp art style with the ultimate effect that failure – i.e. being spotted – is always, to drop the cliché, entirely your fault. And you simply must avoid being spotted, lest you are thrown into Aragami 2’s weakest link; combat is clunky, clumsy, and entirely unenjoyable. Slash, block, parry – it’s less advanced than even the earliest Prince of Persia, and never satisfies even with unlockable upgrades.

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