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Mini Review: Beyond A Steel Sky – A Nostalgic Return To Adventure Gaming’s Golden Age

Cat hair moustache?

The first golden age of the point-and-click adventure was brief. Just moments after Lucasfilm Games graduated from the kindergarten clunk of Maniac Mansion, The Dig was in its Spielberg-endorsed grave. That was 1987 to 1995. Everyone agrees the early ’90s were where it was at – even those who wrongly preferred Sierra Online. (See you in the comments!)

Sierra-philes and Lucas-fans alike are united in sorrow by the words “cat hair moustache”, the eternally-echoing death knell of the genre’s golden age which came gonging out from Gabriel Knight 3’s infamous doppelgänger sequence. But Beyond a Steel Sky invites you to pretend that never happened. It’s a straight follow-on from Revolution Software’s 1994 critical darling Beneath a Steel Sky, recreating its charm and depth for 21st century gamers.

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