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Mini Review: Beyond a Steel Sky (PS5) – Classic Adventure Game Sequel Is Held Back by 3D Design

Union City limits.

Beyond a Steel Sky is the long, long awaited sequel to Beneath a Steel Sky — the critically acclaimed 1994 point-and-click adventure game. This return to Union City — a towering metropolis surrounded by wasteland in a distant future — manages to recapture the wit and charm of its predecessor, but its move to 3D environments and exploration dilutes the solution-finding gameplay to a disappointing degree.

Once again, you play as Robert Foster — a tech-savvy guy who’s found a peaceful life alongside nomads of the aforementioned wasteland. Foster’s dream existence is shattered, however, when his village is attacked by a mysterious organisation, and a child is stolen away. Our unlikely hero tracks the kid back to — you guessed it — Union City, and from there, it’s a case of unravelling the city’s darkest secrets.

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