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Mini Review: Button City – All Style, No Substance


From the outside, Button City looks as though it should be a wholesome recipe for success. It has a wonderful visual style, cute characters and boasts a ton of arcade games to lose yourself in. All of this is set to be wrapped in a beautifully told story that pulls on those nostalgic heartstrings of sitting in the arcades when you were younger. Despite how Button City appears, it’s unfortunately not long before you realise it has very little holding it all together.

It’s a shame, as the narrative in place is actually quite charming. You play as Fennel, a recluse who is encouraged to venture out of his comfort zone and make friends. After stumbling across the local arcade, you’re inducted into a group of fellow video game enthusiasts, working together to ensure the arcade isn’t shut down for good. It’s bundled with some amusing dialogue and moments, such as your friend who blasts heavy metal outside your house in the morning while doing yoga. It also has some lovely representation in its characters, specifically through physical disabilities.

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