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Mini Review: Circa Infinity – Concentrated Concentricity Is Confoundingly Circular

Be there or be square.

For centuries, the circle has left indelible marks on our culture: Wagner’s Ring cycle; Dante’s Inferno; Pythagoras’ Theorem; Domino’s Pizza. And now Kenny Sun’s Circa Infinity arrives on Switch to distract us from all of them – except maybe the pizza.

Fresh on console, this puzzle/action indie platformer hit PC in 2015, causing a stir with its unique concept and striking visuals. You control a little pixel person who runs around the outside of a screen-filling circle. There is a pie-slice segment of the circle that can be entered by standing on its arc and pressing jump. On entering the circle, your person flips to run around the inside of the circumference. Another small circle is floating around the middle of the one you entered, and can be reached by jumping when it’s in range. The screen then zooms so that this new circle fills your view and the process repeats. As you move through the game, new enemy types, behaviours and patterns are introduced; contact with any baddies results in failure.

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