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: Mini-Review: Crown Trick – Another Fantastic Roguelite For Xbox Game Pass

Death is only the beginning.

One of the beauties of Xbox Game Pass is being able to try out games we would never usually touch. Crown Trick is the latest in a long line, replicating the roguelite genre with its own unique twist. After the huge success of Hades, players, such as ourselves, are looking for more titles to scratch the itch it left. Thankfully, Team 17’s latest stab at the genre is a successful entry and one that has sucked us in after dying a lot.

The biggest hook with Crown Trick is its shift from fast-paced combat to something more strategic. Every battle takes place in turn-based combat, but not as you may think. Instead of something akin to say Final Fantasy, the game instead borrows a similar template to Crypt of the NecroDancer. Every move you make forces the enemies to move in a grid-based fashion. While it may be tempting to run in and mow down your foes, sitting pack, planning out your moves and coming up with new strategies on the fly is the key to success.

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