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Mini Review: Evertried – An Engaging Roguelite, Half Tactics, Half Puzzler

Try, try again.

Some games just cut right to the chase. No set up, no indulgent intro, just a fast cutscene and you’re tossed in the deep end. Evertried is one of those games. Here you’re placed in the role of a cute little undead creature with a scythe who has to climb “The Tower”. See, in this world, lost souls that haven’t proven themselves worthy of going to either heaven or hell can choose to brave the horrors of The Tower to obtain their eternal reward. It’s far from easy, but your character was evidently a warrior of some kind in life, and that gives them a distinct edge to tip the odds in their favor.

Gameplay takes place on a 7×7 isometric grid, and is centered around a combat system that feels like a hybrid of turn-based and live action. Each floor has a handful of enemies to dispatch, and they only move when you do. To strike them, all you need to do is position your character next to them and take a step towards them, but you potentially run the risk of them retaliating if you don’t plan this out well enough. Since you can only take three hits total and healing is hard to come by, it’s important that you plan out a few moves ahead and try to turn the AI against itself. As you get more familiar with enemy patterns, you learn how to best manipulate your foes into either triggering traps or opening themselves up for an attack from you.

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