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Mini Review: Fatal Frame: Maiden of Black Water (PS5) – Remaster Is More of a Trick Than Treat

Camera shy.

Fatal Frame: Maiden of Black Water wasn’t anything special back in 2015 on Nintendo Wii U, and it’s no better six years later. A sub-standard remaster ports the horror title to PlayStation 5 to conveniently coincide with Halloween, but for as creepy as it can be, it’s not a particularly enjoyable game to actually play.

If we were offered the chance to watch a compilation of its haunting cutscenes and skip the gameplay altogether then we’d happily take it because the title simply doesn’t feel good to play in 2021. Clunky and overly responsive controls unite with questionable button mapping to make the battle with your PS5 controller just as difficult as the one with the supernatural. There’s a very dark and distressing atmosphere to the whole thing, though, which at least complements the story of three different characters up Hikami Mountain.

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