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Mini Review: Joe & Mac – A Comical But Flawed Prehistoric Platformer

No third character called Cheese, amazingly.

With five new additions to Nintendo Switch Online’s catalogue of NES and SNES games arriving today, we decided to review these new/old releases to help you decide which to play first. Enjoy!

There was a period in the early 1990s when the video game industry was in love with caveman characters – after all, an executive somewhere thought that the TurboGrafx-16’s Bonk was a suitable mascot to face off against Mario and Sonic. Among one of the most prolific of these games was Data East’s Joe & Mac, a conversion of the arcade game known as Caveman Ninja. In this game, a duo with brightly coloured hair fight back against a rival tribe of Neanderthals, who’ve kidnapped all of their women, while also facing off against a horde of dinosaurs and other prehistoric nasties like woolly mammoths. Our heroes are equipped with a variety of period-appropriate weapons, including bone clubs, stone wheels, flint (to throw fire) and boomerangs.

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