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Mini Review: Just Die Already (PS4) – This Game About the Elderly Is Juvenile Fun

Disrespect your elders.

Abuse of the elderly is, as a rule, generally discouraged. So, despite belonging to a fairly unshockable generation, we were a little bit taken aback by the sheer gerontophobia of the wickedly funny Just Die Already, which effectively does for the elderly what Goat Simulator did for, well, goats.

Pick your pensioner, get kicked out of your nursing home by any means necessary, then both literally and figuratively go to town. You’re given an extensive “bucket list” — essentially a clutch of silly things to do — then left to your own devices, encouraged to make a nuisance of yourself. This essentially amounts to physics tomfoolery, though there’s an enjoyable amount of platforming; new areas keep coming and each one is accompanied by a torrent of stuff, items to grab and misuse, pedestrians to antagonise, and a general surplus of ways in which to drain society’s resources. Ticking goals off your bucket list unlocks new items to play with, tools by which one can continue to spitefully destroy lives.

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