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Mini Review: Legend of Mana (PS4) – Lovely Looking Remaster Is Still Strange, and Not Always in a Good Way

Rabite stew.

Legend of Mana was a weird game when it originally launched in 1999, and it’s even weirder 22 years later. This is an action RPG where you essentially build your own adventure. Right from the start, you’re given next to no guidance on where you are or what you need to do. Most players will find that there’s barely a main story until hours into the experience, and even then, it can appear vague and oddly constructed.

Needless to say, you probably won’t be playing Legend of Mana for the plot, but there’s a charm to how carefree the game feels. You’ll stumble across character-driven side quests that open up new paths through the world, and there are loads of different locations to discover and explore. Honestly, it’s a difficult game to explain in just a handful paragraphs, but know that there’s fun to be had in its lack of structure.

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