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Mini Review: Minute of Islands (PS4) – A Short But Beautiful Island Trip

Ah, fresh air.

Minute of Islands is a beautiful adventure game that’s maybe less light-hearted than you think. While the outer appearance is wonderful — we love its cartoonish, hand-drawn style — the game quickly establishes a darker, sadder tone for its six-hour runtime. You play as Mo, a young girl who resides underground after a devastating blight wipes out much of the life on the archipelago she calls home. Tasked with maintaining four giants who manually keep the islands a safe place to be, the game is about restoring the beasts after they all mysteriously stop working.

To do so, Mo must travel across the islands and dispel the airborne toxins polluting the land. Creepy half-synthetic, half-organic technology is brought to life by Mo’s staff, the Omni Switch. Once you’ve activated all the purifiers, you’ll go back underground to wake up the giants with simple environmental puzzles. Gameplay-wise, there’s not much to chew on with only very basic interactions and somewhat fiddly platforming, but the story does enough to keep you invested in Mo’s journey.

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