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Mini Review: Omno – An Easygoing, Pensive Platformer With Echoes Of Journey

Omno? Om-yes!

Omno is an easy game. It’s unchallenging in every sense of the word. You already know the controls. You’ve seen this general graphical style before and can quickly read the environments. The gameplay loop is familiar: explore, platform, do a sliding-block puzzle, reach a new area. The story is simple and doesn’t dig very deep. There are no enemies; you have no lives and can’t die. It’s pretty to look at and gentle to listen to. It’s fairly short. It’s an easy game.

It’s easy by design, and commendably easy in practice. There are no intended hindrances, and almost no accidental hindrances like weird clipping or overlong checkpoints. The platforming sometimes loses its footing slightly – jump distances occasionally fall irritatingly between your normal range and a boost ability, and it’s not always clear if a route was intended to be climbed or you just fudged it.

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