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Mini Review: Pacer – The Closest Thing To Wipeout On Xbox

On your marks, get set, Wipeout!

If you’re of a certain age and you’ve owned a PlayStation at some point in your life, you probably have some fond memories of the futuristic racing series Wipeout. And while it’s never made the crossover to Xbox over the years, R8 Games has created a faithful and enjoyable spiritual successor in the form of Pacer, which is just now making its Xbox One debut after being released for other platforms late last year.

The gameplay has a similar style to Wipeout, requiring you to manoeuvre your Craft at extremely high speeds with perfect precision. It takes a bit of getting used to – you use the A button to accelerate and the RT and LT buttons to perform sharp turns, and those turns are extremely twitchy, so delicate movements are critical in order to achieve success. The game mixes things up with strategically placed boost pads along with weapons that can be customised and upgraded in an impressive variety of ways, with plenty of options to unlock.

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