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Mini Review: Recompile (PS5) – Digital Metroidvania Has Style But Little Substance


Recompile is one of those games that shows extremely well, but the reality is an experience that doesn’t quite stick the landing. Playing as a virus with the intent of infiltrating and fixing The Mainframe, a computer system that’s gone awry, this is a 3D action game that looks great, but doesn’t quite have enough to back it up.

The presentation is very slick indeed, with the UI and environments all tied into that digitised world look. The only trouble with the art style is that, while the contrast between all the darkness and vivid lights is striking, it can mean you literally can’t see where you need to go next. This isn’t always a problem, but there’s a lot of pitch black space that’s almost impossible to traverse without some trial and error. Turning up the brightness might actually be a necessity.

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