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Mini Review: Retro Bowl – An Addictive 8-Bit Throwback That’s Appropriately Super

The Bears offence is rubbish in this, too.

(American) Football is a surprisingly complicated sport; it may not look like it as we watch enormous humans endanger themselves while wearing a lot of padding, but it’s a game with playbooks and elaborate calls that sound to the uninitiated like the outbursts of lunatics. For most of us fans it’s a simple but incredibly satisfying game, with few things better than a skilled quarterback dropping back, surveying the landscape and releasing a perfect throw just as a hulk of a defender brings them down.

That’s the feeling Retro Bowl shoots for, along with the classic 8-bit vibe of Tecmo Bowl on NES. Before now a popular mobile game that’s gone a bit viral on TikTok, it arrives on Switch with a very modest price and having been carefully balanced for the system. The developers have spent their time well, as you wouldn’t know this was previously a mobile game from playing it on Switch — and it even supports the NES and SNES Switch Online pads if you’re feeling really old-school.

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