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Mini Review: Super Impossible Road – A Slick Racer That Throws A Morph Ball Down Rainbow Road

Much more fun than Regular Possible Path.

Spoilers: The road is, in fact, possible. Yes, it’s another example of flagrant false advertising and the sort of thing that gives this fine hobby an ill reputation. No, we’re joking. Of course we’re joking. It’s not impossible to traverse, it’s impossible to build. A road free-floating in space on which giant balls (stop giggling) roll and race for intergalactic supremacy. So far, so Iggy’s Reckin’ Balls, but Rogue Games’ Super Impossible Road takes this Elon Musk vision of a dystopian future (trust us, it’s what he wants) and rolls with it. Get it? That was another joke.

Alright, we’ve had our fun – now for some fun. Super Impossible Road, if you’ll excuse the cynicism, elicited a bit of a groan from this writer on its assignment. It’s just not the most auspicious-sounding title, is it? It dredges up cursed memories of terrible autorunners and hi-larious “masocore” flash games offering vaguely similar experiences. But this is different – this is genuinely pretty good stuff. Polished, varied and compelling, with plentiful features raising the game far above the quality we expected.

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