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Mini Review: The Artful Escape (PS5) – A Visual Treat That’s Light on Gameplay

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When you first pick up Francis Vendetti’s acoustic guitar, you can tell you’re in store for something crazy. Approached by aliens to perform crazy cosmic rock concerts across the galaxy, The Artful Escape offers a visual feast of wild, cosmic insanity. Nervous about following in the footsteps of your uncle, a folk music icon, you take Francis on a journey of self-discovery into the vast unknown, as you embrace your inner rock god.

The story has a lot of heart and an important message to tell about being comfortable in one’s own skin, and it does so with a smile, as the game isn’t afraid to be funny. There are quite a few truly great jokes, many of which are aided by on-point performances. And in what is fast becoming an Annapurna staple, much of the cast comprises Hollywood veterans, including Jason Schwartzman, Mark Strong, Lena Headey, and a standout Carl Weathers.

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