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Mini Review: The Binding Of Isaac: Repentance – A Welcome Rebalance For The Roguelite Classic

Repent? But we just pented!!

Fantastic roguelite The Binding of Isaac has been around for a decade since its original Flash incarnation. On Switch alone it’s been a thing – along with its Afterbirth+ expansion – for over four years. A big, final addition to the game with the Repentance ‘expansion’, then, seems a little belated. Helpfully, Isaac is the kind of game that engenders obsession.

The further that Isaac moved from its original incarnation, the less balanced, and therefore the less fun, it became. It’s still ace, of course – by some distance it remains the king of the roguelites in this writer’s opiniom — but the bloat (not to be confused with boss monster The Bloat) introduced with each successive expansion made the game steadily more complex, less breezy, not as pick-up-and-play fun. Sure, you don’t expect to win every run in a game like this, but spawn The Haunt on the first floor with absolutely no power-ups and you may as well just restart.

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