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Mini Review: The Magnificent Trufflepigs – A Metal-Detecting Sim Short On Magnificence

beep beep beep BEEBEEBEEBEEP.

From day one, The Magnificent Trufflepigs — a game about metal-detecting and romance — came out swinging for the fences with prestige TV powerhouse AMC (of Walking Dead, Mad Men, and Breaking Bad fame) as publishers. But is it the equivalent of a stash of rare Roman coins, or just another rusty bottlecap?

The story is this: Beth, a woman whose cushy nepotism-earned job, pending nuptials, and comfy lifestyle are hanging on by a thread of her own making, decides to relive her metal-detecting childhood glory days by calling up her ex, Adam (that’s you). You’ll spend the next five days trying to find something that’s missing — whether it’s the earring to match the one she found as a kid, or the final puzzle piece of her manicured life.

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