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Mini Review: Toem (PS5) – Photography Puzzler Is a Picture Perfect Adventure

Say “cheese”.

Toem is an extremely refreshing experience. The scope of the game is rather small, but that’s allowed developer Something We Made to double down on its novel premise. The end result is a relaxing, joyful adventure about taking photos and meeting loveable characters at every turn.

You set off on a pilgrimage to find the titular phenomenon atop a mountain. To get there, you’ll explore a series of adorable locations, completing little puzzles and objectives in order to earn stamps and a bus ride to the next stop. Presented in black and white, it’s an interesting choice for a game about photography, but it’s packed with charm and memorable moments despite the lack of colour. Using your camera — which receives a couple of handy upgrades as you progress — you’ll need to help out dozens of characters with a wide variety of tasks. You’ll be spotting scouts hiding in the woods, helping to fix a generator, and taking a ghost on a date. These objectives are wonderfully creative and never repeat; the entire journey presents you with new things to see and do.

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