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Mini Review: Wonder Boy: Asha in Monster World (PS4) – A Gorgeous Cel-Shaded Remake

A world of wonder awaits.

Over 25 years after the original release of Monster World IV, the cult classic 2D action-platformer has been remade for modern consoles. Wonder Boy: Asha in Monster World keeps the style and charm of the original, while updating the game to feature cel-shaded, 3D visuals. The game looks gorgeous, thanks to the eye-popping colours and bouncy animations. Even the soundtrack and sound effects have been updated for modern audiences.

The game stars Asha as she and her pet Pepelogoo explore the interconnected world to find the four Elemental Spirits in each temple. From the temple designs to the main town, each part of the world is well designed with great puzzles and plenty of secrets to discover. Asha has access to a sword and shield, both of which can be upgraded with money found in the game. She can also purchase bangles that can extend her maximum health when equipped. Meanwhile, Pepelogoo allows Asha to double jump, glide, and is even used as a puzzle solving tool. This combination of traditional RPG and platforming elements blends together to create a fun, but simple to grasp adventure.

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