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Mini Review: Wreckfest (PS5) – Not a Huge Jump on PS5, But Still a Smashing Good Time

Get wrecked.

Wreckfest just fully embraces what it is, and you have to respect it. Bugbear’s brash, fender-bending racer has been unleashed on PlayStation 5 as part of May’s PlayStation Plus lineup, and it’s still very much the chaotic, crash-happy, Destruction Derby-esque experience people love. In the jump to new hardware, the game definitely benefits in a few areas, though some enhancements are better than others.

The most noticeable (and appreciated) improvement is the leap from 30 to 60 frames-per-second, which makes it buttery smooth even with all the pile-ups and flying debris. In our time with the PS5 version, we didn’t spot a single hitch in performance — it seems rock solid. The developer has also made efforts to utilise the DualSense controller’s bells and whistles. The triggers have varying degrees of resistance depending on the action — it’s harder to push down the accelerator when you’re at high damage, for instance. Meanwhile, the haptics provide some directional feedback when you’re in a scrap. While it’s not the most impressive use of the tech, it’s of course a cut above the controller experience on PS4.

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