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Review: Aztech Forgotten Gods – Stylish But Compromised By Its Combat And Camera

An az-technical disappointment.

Considering its instantly recognisable iconography, the Mesoamerican Aztec culture is one that has rarely featured in video games. We’ve seen games like Aztec: Empire, sure, but there are a lot more examples tied to periods like the Second World War, the American Revolution, and Ancient Rome, to name but a few. Developer Liezo clearly thought the Aztec culture could do with a bit more love, chucking the period’s architecture and general aesthetic right into the future with Aztech Forgotten Gods. It’s a game that, unfortunately, stumbles out the gate with poor, shallow gameplay, messy visuals, and one of the most frustratingly chaotic camera systems we’ve seen in a while.

The story of Aztech Forgotten Gods takes place in a futuristic city filled with typical Aztec architecture (albeit more shiny), where protagonist Achtli is called upon to take on a group of stone colossi known as the ‘Forgotten Gods’ that have been inadvertently awakened, intent on wreaking havoc. Thankfully, Achtli comes into possession of a powerful stone artifact that fuses itself onto her arm, creating a magical gauntlet that would make the likes of Ron Perlman green with envy. The structure of the game is a loose take on Shadow of the Colossus, with Achtli’s primary goal to travel to specific areas of the map and vanquish the Forgotten Gods one by one.

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