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Review: Battlefield 2042 – At Its Best When Embracing The Series’ Past

Modern Warfare.

Three years on from the release of the World War 2 themed Battlefield V and DICE has gone back to the future with this latest instalment of its bombastic franchise. It’s certainly all suitably flashy and agreeably next-gen looking stuff but, in terms of gameplay, there’s a bit of a mixed bag being served up here thus far with the core Battlefield 2042 element of proceedings losing out in the straight-up fun stakes to a rather excellent Portal mode that focuses more on the series’ history than it does the here and now.

Of course we’re only in early access as things stand just now, and recent entries in this franchise have had a tendency to get off to a bit of a clunky start before slowly realising their full potential, but there’s no doubting the fact that the new stuff here, the large-scale futuristic skirmishes of Battlefield 2042, feel like they need a fair bit of work if they’re going to hook players in for the long term.

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