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Review: Castaway Paradise – “Like Animal Crossing” Indeed, Minus The Good Bits

Shell shockingly bad.

If you told someone that you were a huge fan of gourmet homecooked meals, you’d be well within your rights to boot them off the nearest cliff if they came to your next party with a lasagne dish full of wet cat food. Likewise, if a game bills itself with the actual tagline “It’s Like Animal Crossing!” and then attempts to meet your lofty expectations with a Facebook game from 2014 retooled as a $20 eShop purchase that combines the joys of ‘Doing Chores’ with the excitement of ‘Doing More Chores’, we wouldn’t blame you for throwing it so deeply into the bin that it re-emerges somewhere on the other side of the planet.

Castaway Paradise is that game. Once an in-app-purchase-riddled browser game, it migrated over to smartphones in 2015, consoles in 2018, and now (presumably because it’s performed well enough on other platforms) it’s on Switch, too.

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