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Review: Death’s Door – This Xbox Console Exclusive Is A 2021 GOTY Contender

“Deserves all the attention it will most likely get”.

What do you get if you throw Zelda, Dark Souls and Hollow Knight into a cooking pot? The answer: Death’s Door. The latest release from publisher Devolver Digital and developer Acid Nerve is a love letter to the adventure game genre, mixing in the magic, beautiful worlds and mystery featured in the aforementioned titles. As an Xbox console exclusive, Death’s Door is here to fill a void missing from the brand’s library, and not only does it succeed, it makes a case for being one of the best Xbox games to play right now.

Explaining the premise of Death’s Door is an odd one. You play as a crow working in a ‘Monsters Inc.’ type setup where your job is to go through doors and claim souls of the deceased. Unfortunately, one job goes horribly wrong, as the soul escapes and goes beyond something known as Death’s Door. What transpires is a quest to venture into the unknown realm by claiming the souls of various inhabitants, each residing in their own corner of the world.

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