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Review: Gal*Gun: Double Peace – One To Avoid Playing On Public Transport

Pervert party.

Look, there’s nothing wrong with a little anatomical allure, generally speaking. Hell, many an impressionable teenager hit pause to glimpse Chun-Li’s undies back in the day, and Capcom knew it. Sex sells, and, like all commercial media, video game developers aren’t immune to slapping some greasy smut on-disc in the hope of cementing another sale. Boobs, butts, oily pecs and sculpted crotches: gaming has seen it all — and Switch owners have seen more than ever before on a Nintendo console.

The majority of Gal Gun’s cattle-like cast, however, are Japanese high-schoolers. Whether or not they’re Junior or Senior students is left ambiguous, making the premise of sexually gratifying its targets largely at odds with legal systems across most of the world, which explains its banning in countries like New Zealand and Germany. ‘But hey, they’re just, like, cartoons, man’ is certainly one common argument in their defence.

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