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Review: Just Dance 2022 – Still Fun, But Feels More Like An Ad Than A Game

Love Story?

Ubisoft’s Just Dance returns once again to give us our annual dose of disco boogie action, and there’s absolutely zero surprises in Just Dance 2022 if you’ve ever played an entry in this series before. There’s a fairly solid bit of dance fun to be had with this one, but it’s also overwhelmingly familiar stuff that takes every opportunity it can to shove further purchases into your face. What’s here is good, there’s no doubt about it, but it’s all rendered somewhat frustrating as it constantly bombards you with tracks that you’ll need a Just Dance Unlimited subscription in order to access.

Let’s not get off to a hugely negative start here, though. Just Dance 2022 is a colourful and slick experience that arrives with 40 excellent tracks, some solid online action, a pretty neat kid-friendly mode, calorie-burning sweat mode and lots of unlockable bits and bobs to work towards acquiring as you thrash around your sitting room and attempt to match the movements displayed onscreen. All you need is a single Joy-Con (or a smartphone with the official app) and a reasonable sense of timing and you’re all set for some good times.

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