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Review: Life Is Strange: True Colors – Visual Downgrades On Switch Can’t Spoil A Superb Story

I know how you feel.

It’s hard to believe that we’re now on the fourth Life is Strange game in just six years (fifth if you include the short introductory installment for Life is Strange 2). That’s a lot of content within a relatively short space of time, so there’s an undeniable danger of the series running out of steam. Thankfully, however, Life is Strange: True Colors is confidently the most accomplished game of the series so far, showcasing a likable cast of characters, a well-written narrative, and a fantastic soundtrack.

Life is Strange: True Colors stars Alex Chen (played marvelously by Erika Mori) who moves to the quaint mining town of Haven Springs after a lengthy stint in foster care. Reuniting with her brother Gabe, it soon becomes evident that Alex harbors a secret ability to sense strong emotions in others, thus causing the same emotion — whether it be happiness, fear, or anger — to manifest in Alex herself.

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