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Review: Mario Party Superstars – A Party Most Hearty

Dad dancing mandatory.

For years now fans of the Mario Party series have been pleading with Nintendo to just go back to the roots of what made the series great; no cars, no bizarre new modes, not just a collection of minigames that when presented in a vacuum lose all context or purpose — just Mario characters running around a board grabbing stars and destroying friendships. Super Mario Party definitely took that feedback to heart, but only a handful of playable boards and limitations in other areas definitely left some die-hard classic fans wanting.

In that spirit, Mario Party Superstars seems to be Nintendo at last saying ‘fine, here’s your stinking old Mario Party’. The whole game from top to bottom is 100% old-school with all the warts included, besides the visuals of course. You’ve got two major modes to contend with if the idea of the options menu doesn’t get your motor running, namely Mario Party (!) and Mount Minigames. The latter is a method of simply playing any and all of the minigames on offer in one way or another with nothing more than a score counter keeping track of who won how many games.

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