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Review: Microsoft Flight Simulator – Taking The Xbox Series X To New Heights

Come fly with me.

Updated review (Xbox Series X version, July 2021): Microsoft Flight Simulator has finally arrived on Xbox Series X|S, and following on from our review of the PC version last year, we’ve had a chance (thanks to Xbox Game Pass) to get hands-on with the Xbox Series X edition over the past few days.

Simply put, Flight Sim makes a superb transition from PC to console, rivalling some of the best visuals you can get on PC and achieving pretty good performance for the most part. The frame rate does dip from time-to-time based on where you’re flying and pointing the camera, but this is nothing out of the ordinary on PC either. It’s capped at 30fps for non-VRR displays, but that doesn’t feel like a deal-breaker in this scenario.

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