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Review: Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid: Burst Forth!! Choro-gon Breath – A Middling Shmup Affair

Jumping on the Band Dragon.

No option to rotate a display in a vertical oriented shoot-em-up is a worrying sign. Nevertheless, the option is conspicuously absent in Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid. What it does boast, though — unusually for a niche Japanese release — is a top-to-bottom English language translation, which makes this a more tempting import for shoot-’em-up fans.

We admit to having no knowledge of the Manga on which the game is based, but its manifestation as a colourful bullet hell escapade is nonetheless appealing. This is a game as much for anime aficionados as it is hardcore gamers, littered with illustrations, fetching menus, and plenty of fan service. Clothes partly tear off when a character’s life bar diminishes: a translucent, semi-naked girl flashing over the action to inform you of danger; while elsewhere, risqué galleries are furnished by collecting in-game picture pieces.

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